VirusTrack Technique


Low-Cost, Reliable and Large-Scale Virus Surveillance


VirusTrack Sampling Tube (preloaded with PSAP beads)


Encapsulation and Stablization of Viruses by PSAP Beads


The PSAP beads can extract and stabilize viruses in water samples for long-term storage at room temperature, thus bypassing the reliance on cold chain and enabling low-cost virus surveillance.


​Potential Viral Pathogen Dissemination via Waterborne Pathways




Wastewater-based Epidemiology for COVID Surveillance



Competitions & Awards

  • 2022, Convergence Innovation Competition First Place, Georgia Tech, News 

  • 2022, Second CEE Entrepreneurial Impact Competition Finalist, Georgia Tech, Recording, News

Relevant patent applications

  • Systems and methods for specimen processing and storage (US Provisional Patent Application: 63017185, International patent application: WO2021222531A1)

  • Smart porous hydrogels for biological and pharmaceutical liquid storage (US Provisional Patent Application 63155379)

Relevant journal publications